Population of 25 constituent entities of the Russian Federation lives and works in harsh conditions of the Far North. As a consequence the quality of the Northern Delivery organization becomes as well the factor of sustainable development of the macro region economy as the key survival element that directly affects the interests and fortune of every local resident. That is why it is of high importance to thoroughly discuss the prospects to increase effectiveness of sustention measurers for the Far North territories and other areas with limited period of time for cargo delivery.

The Conference “Northern Delivery – New Ways and Opportunities” is dedicated to unite the efforts of all interested parties to work out a unified approach to the Northern Delivery system and efficient development of the northern areas.

The Conference will be held with the participation of the project office “The Northern Delivery” of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy (RFTA).

The Conference will be held on June 19th – 20th, 2017 in the city of Naryan-Mar in Cultural and Buisness Center "Arktika".

We invite to participate in the Conference: representatives of federal authorities of the Russian Federation, heads of constituent entities, municipal institutions and particular localities considered as the Northern Delivery territories, representatives of logistic, energetic, financial companies arranging advance delivery as well as other organizations providing products and services for the Far North needs or interested in activity development on the territories of northern and remote regions.

The conference focuses

Management mechanisms of the Northern Delivery: federal and regional approaches

Logistics and infrastructure of the Northern Delivery: status and key players

New technologies for sustainable development of remote territories

Financial instruments and insurance mechanisms for the Northern Delivery

Alternative energy for efficient development of the northern areas

Biotechnologies, modern medicine and agriculture for sustention of the Far North quality of life

Invited Speakers
For participants

Participation in the Conference “Northern Delivery – New Ways and Opportunities” is provided on paid basis. The registration fee per participant is 10 000 RUB (including VAT).

Please read the conditions of participation in the Conference.


Take note please of limited quantity of flights to the city of Naryan-Mar and return tickets. We kindly ask you to plan your participation in advance and book a flight!

Organizers assist in booking flights!


The following hotels are recommended for accommodation of participants of the Conference "Northern Delivery - New Ways and Opportunities":

  • Zapolyarnaya Stolitsa
  • Avantage
  • Natali
For Mass Media

Please read the rules of accreditation for media representatives at the Conference.

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